Best Pepper Spray For College Students

The life of college students are always at risk of an attack due to their lifestyle. Entering a poorly lit parking lot, walking back to the dorm from a night class, dating new people and working late on campus can put them in to compromising situation. The parents send their children to study knowing that the campus security and dorm safety rules will provide a safe environment but these are not enough for the security of the students. For the security of the college students the parents should give them a pepper spray.

These sprays will help them in time of need. Before you purchase a pepper spray for yourself you should first know about different kinds of it available and also know about its advantages and disadvantages.

1. Froggers: These kinds of pepper spray are effective for the one who is confronted by multiple attackers. The main disadvantage of these kinds of spray is that when it is windy, the droplets might block back to the carrier. Sometimes the droplets take some time to disperse which then make the area uninhabitable if it was sprayed and cause the victims to feel tearing and stinging.

2. Foam: These kinds of pepper spray are effective in an attack which is in close range. The range of these spray is from 6-8 feet away and the ingredients of these sprays stick to the body when it is been sprayed. If the attacker will rub these then it will make the stinging worse because the ingredients of it will spread to skin once it is rubbed. The foam clings to the body of the attacker and it prevents the wind from sweeping away.

3. Stream: These kinds of pepper sprays are effective for the attackers who are in long range. With these kinds of sprays you are able to propel the liquid ingredient as far as 15-20 feet away. It is a kind of spray with high force which makes it effective even in the windy environment. It is ideal for you if you may encounter with vicious animals.

pepper spray for college students

Here is a list of theĀ best pepper spray for college students.

1. Pepper Shot: The pepper shot is great for multiple attackers and its accuracy. It has an angled spray instead of a stream of spray which creates a wide fog and it covers more space. It consists of 10% of Oleoresin Capsicum. A single burst of it is enough to take down the attacker. The trigger actuator of it is easily accessible and it has a holster option. This spray contains up to 20 bursts.

2. Mace Pepper Batons: These kinds of spray are a kubotan which has OC built inside. The kubotan is used as a weapon on bony structures and nerve points. It has a pop-off cap which allows easy and quick access to the activator. It can be sprayed up to 5 feet in distance.

3. Personal Protection Kit: This kit has three products for self-defense which help you to protect in multiple environments. You can be sure to easily access with three sprays in time of need. You should always keep it within your reach. The smaller sprays fit easily on any car visor or key chain and the larger one fits easily in to a purse or pocket. With these sprays, it becomes difficult for the attacker to see and breathe properly. With these dramatic effects you are able to get out safely.

4. Pepper Spray Pen: This type of spray is a clever disguise of a pepper spray in a form of pen. You could include it with your other stationary items and no one will ever know that you have a self defense weapon with you. With just one spray you are able to stop the attacker and it contains up t five bursts of personal security. It consists of Oleoresin Capsicum and it can be sprayed up to the distance of six feet.

5. Sabre Red-law Enforcement Grade: This spray is devastating and it is not lethal. It also contains 10% Oleoresin Capsicum that has major capsaicinoids which with just a single spray produces the greatest level of incapacitation. These are available for the general public. It has nitrogen as a propellant with which effective pressure is maintained always. It is available in both steam and foam spray patterns.

Why You Should Learn Self Defense While at College

Self defense is an important topic that is very popular among many college students these days. Many students want to learn some proven self defense strategies that they can follow easily. There are many reasons why you should learn self defense while at college. You can get a lot of benefits from this skill. Keep reading this article to find some advantages that are offered by this self defense skill. It is not difficult to learn how you can protect yourself from any criminals around your campus area. Here are some reasons why you have to know about these skills.

1. Protect yourself

This is the main advantage that you can get when you are learning this skill. You should be able to protect yourself when you are at your college. You should know that there are some bad people who may attack you at anytime they want. You should prepare yourself with some self defense skills, so you will never have to worry about these people. When taking this self defense class, you can learn how you can handle someone who is attacking you. There are some strategies that you can use to stay away from any dangerous situations.

2. Improve your confidence

Many experts believe that self defense class is proven to be very effective to improve your confidence level. Confidence is an important thing that you should have for improving your study performance. When you are able to perform some self defense skills, you should be able to increase your confidence significantly. Many people claim that they are able to be confident when studying at their college areas, especially when they know some self defense techniques. Confident students are able to get high score in their classes. They also tend to achieve their success easily after they finish their college time.

3. Stay fit and healthy

This is another reason why you should learn some self defense techniques. When you are training yourself, you should be able to stay fit and healthy. There are some exercises or workouts that you should do in some self defense classes. These exercises can help you grow your muscle effectively. You should be able to strengthen your muscles easily. Some self defense movements require you to move your own body regularly. You can improve your body metabolism by taking some self defense classes at your college. Some doctors believe that regular exercises are very important to improve the overall life quality.

Taking self defense classes is very important for all college students. If you want to learn how to protect yourself, you should choose the best class that is suitable for your needs. You can also visit some websites that offer some self defense tips. There are some tips that you can follow from these sites easily. You can also watch some videos that are available on the Internet today. Some videos are specially created to teach you some self defense skills and strategies. Learning self defense allows you to protect yourself when you are inside the college areas.